Lobbying the Federal and Ontario Governments

Lobbying the Federal and Ontario Governments

By Pierre Meunier, Andre Turmel, Guy Giorno, Peter Hyndman


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Date: 15/07/2013

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Carswell, Canada


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Lobbying legislation significantly changes the way businesses and non-government organizations deal with federal, provincial and municipal government officials. This book provides a repository of lobbying laws of Canada and Ontario with useful commentary and guidance on the practical aspects of their application. An individual's or an organization's obligations with respect to lobbying activities occurring in Ontario must be considered in terms of not only the federal legislation but also the applicable provincial legislation, if the particular province has adopted such legislation. In this regard, features include the following:

  • The federal and Ontario lobbyist Acts, including municipal lobbying legislation and their respective regulatory instruments
  • An executive summary of each Act and its regulatory instruments provide concise analysis of how the various laws work,
    to whom they apply, their requirements and the legal consequences of contravention

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