Lindley & Banks on Partnership 20th edition

Lindley & Banks on Partnership 20th edition

By Roderick I'Anson Banks


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Date: 24/10/2017

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Lindley & Banks on Partnership gives you comprehensive, authoritative and practical coverage of the law relating to both general and limited partnerships. This seminal text on partnerships, first published in 1860, gives you detailed commentary on all aspects of the life of a partnership, from its nature and formation to the usual contents of a partnership agreement and common areas of dispute, the liabilities undertaken by partners both internally and externally and, finally, to dissolution, winding up and insolvency. It also explains how partnerships are taxed. The twentieth edition covers all legal changes since the last edition, with reference to UK and Commonwealth authorities where relevant.

New for the 20th Edition:

• New and detailed coverage on private fund limited partnerships (PFLPs) as a vehicle for investment following the Legislative Reform (Private Fund Limited Partnerships) Order 2017
• Explores partners’ statutory and other rights to information and access to books, the potential impact of the restraint of trade doctrine on the partnership agreement whilst the partnership continues and the interplay of the courts’ jurisdiction over partnerships with its powers under TOLATA 1996.
• Includes a revised and extended treatment of the vexed issue of repudiation and partnerships in the light of Goldstein v. Bishop and related decisions.
• Considers the impact of cases such as Boghani v. Nathoo (on rights and duties under s.38 of the 1890 Act), Bates van Winkelhof v. Clyde & Co LLP (on the overlap of employment rights with partnership) and Hosking v. Marathon Asset Management LLP (on the equitable doctrine of forfeiture)

Table of Contents

Part One:The Nature of a Partnership Definition of Partnership

  • General Nature of a Partnership
  • Capacity of Partners
  • Rules for Ascertaining the Existence of a Partnership
  • Consideration for a Contract of Partnership
  • Evidence by which a Partnership May Be Proved
  • Illegal Partnerships
  • Duration of Partnership

Part Two:Formation of a Partnership by Formal Agreement Partnership Agreements

  • Corporate and Group Partnerships

Part Three:The Rights and Obligations of Partners as Regards Third Parties The Liability of a Partner for the Acts of his Co-Partners

  • The Nature and Duration of a Partner’s Liability to Third Parties
  • Actions by and Against Partners

Part Four:The Rights and Obligations of Partners Between Themselves Management and Decision Making

  • The Duty of Good Faith
  • Partnership Capital
  • Partnership Property
  • Partnership Shares
  • The Financial Rights and Duties of a Partner
  • Ascertainment and Division of Profits
  • Partnership Accounts
  • Actions Between Partners

Part Five:Dissolution and Winding-Up Dissolution and its Causes

  • Winding-Up of the Partnership Affairs
  • Death of a Partner
  • Insolvency

Part Six:Limited Partnerships Nature, Formation, Duration and Registration of Limited Partnerships

  • The Rights and Obligations of Partners as Regards Third Parties
  • The Rights and Obligations of Partners Between Themselves
  • Dissolution and Winding-Up
  • Insolvency

Part Seven:Taxation

  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax


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