Lender Claims

Lender Claims

By Hugh Tomlinson QC, Thomas Grant


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Date: 15/07/2010

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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This book provides guidance on all types of claims by lenders arising from property finance transactions as they seek to recover losses from failed transactions and defaults. Coverage includes:
  • Claims against solicitors, valuers and accountants, highlighting unique aspects, including risks, associated with different types of claim
  • Claims brought against borrowers and guarantors, detailing the specific practical and legal issues
  • Explanation of important case law from the past decade in almost every area of this subject
  • Mortgage possession claims and related subjects such as subrogation and title rectification
  • Discussion of damages and interest
  • Chapters on practice and procedural issues related to lender claims, including evidence and limitation
  • Discussion of the subprime lending crisis and its likely impact on related case law.
Introduction. Mortgage Fraud. Claims/Remedies against the borrower/ guarantor. Claims against Solicitors. Claims against Valuers. Claims against Accountants. Damages. Interest. Experts. Limitation. Contributory Negligence and Contribution. Practice and Procedure.
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

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