LBook District Crt Law Rpts NSW V 1-23

LBook District Crt Law Rpts NSW V 1-23

By Martin Blackmore, Ron Desiatnik

Report Series

Price: N/A

Date: 12/03/2007

Code: 30157277

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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LBook District Crt Law Rpts NSW V 1-23

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Available Formats

Format Title Date Code Price
Report Series Lawbook Co's District Court Law Reports (NSW) Bound Volumes Only 24/04/2012 30142450 N/A
Report Series Lawbook Co's District Court Law Reports (NSW) - Parts Only 13/09/2012 30139488 N/A
Report Series Lawbook Co's District Court Law Reports (NSW) Parts & Bound Volumes 13/09/2012 30146600 N/A
Online Lawbook Co's District Court Law Reports (NSW) 06/06/2005 41167126 N/A
Report Series LBook District Crt Law Rpts NSW V 1-23 12/03/2007 30157277 N/A


Lawbook Co.’s District Court Law Reports (NSW) (DCLR) is the only report series covering significant decisions of the NSW District Court.

Reported cases are carefully selected by barrister Dr Ron Desiatnik in consultation with District Court Judge Martin Blackmore. The selection process favours decisions dealing with novel issues of law which have not gone on appeal. DCLR reflects the widening jurisdiction of the NSW District Court, concentrating on areas of most interest to the profession. Each reported case includes a detailed headnote summarising the key issues and decision.

As the primary source of NSW District Court decisions, DCLR is an essential part of any practitioner’s library and the perfect complement to Thomson Reuters’ NSW Civil Practice and Procedure.

The online version has a full archive and PDF versions of the reports. It links to FirstPoint to allow FirstPoint subscribers to check the history and currency of a decision with a single click.

* Price is for a back set of bound volumes. Does not include an ongoing subscription which is available separately.

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