LawBriefs: Administrative Law 1st edition

LawBriefs: Administrative Law 1st edition

By Margaret Kelly


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Date: 15/12/2014

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Thomson Reuters LawBriefs are an ideal companion to your studies in law. They include compact summaries of the law and unique diagrammatic explanations or mind maps in each chapter, which help you to understand complex legal concepts and how they relate to one another.

Thomson Reuters LawBriefs present each subject area in a student friendly way to help you get the most out of your time studying. Each book in the series provides a succinct but substantive overview of the law, enabling you to study smarter, not longer.

The LawBriefs Administrative Law contains 20 chapters across 4 parts.

Doctrines and Concepts

The Nature of Administrative Law

Underlying Doctrines and Statutory Interpretation

Basic Concepts: Jurisdiction

Basic Concepts: Justiciability

Basic Concepts: Standing

Merits Review

Merits Review

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

Facts and Evidence


Judicial Review

The Nature of Judicial Review

The ADJR Act

Natural Justice and the Hearing Rule

Natural Justice: The Hearing Rule Develops

Natural Justice: Legitimate Expectations?

Natural Justice: The Rule Against Bias

Grounds of Review: Discretionary Decisions

Grounds of Review: Delegated

Legislation (Legislative Instruments)

Grounds of Review: Jurisdictional Errors

Ousting Judicial Review

Access to Information

Reasons, FOI and Privacy

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