Law Student Survival Guide Third Edition - Book

Law Student Survival Guide Third Edition - Book

By Claire Macken, Kath Hall


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New Release, 18/01/2022

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Welcome to the Law Student Survival Guide! Now in its second edition, author Claire Macken draws on her experience as both a student and lecturer in law to provide practical study skills suggestions for university law students. Inside you’ll find a variety of hints, tips and checklists, in an easy-to-read style, which will assist you to:

  • ‘Set yourself up’ for law study success and familiarise yourself with the law resources you need to learn the law
  • Master the skill of a weekly schedule and prioritised plan to give yourself sufficient time to study and learn the law
  • Implement techniques to create an organised, uncluttered and enjoyable place to learn
  • Learn the 50/10 Plan as a technique to avoid distractions and achieve your best in your planned study times
  • Understand the process of summarising, and the skill of writing summary notes for the purpose of your law assessments
  • Improve and enhance your law exam technique and the application of ‘IRAC’ as the basis of legal reasoning
  • Apply the skills of legal research and writing to achieve your best in all written law assessments
  • Consider the wonderful opportunities open to you as a law student to enrich your educational experience and meet new friends and colleagues along the way!

Table of Contents

Step One: Check your desk!
Step Two: Set yourself up for study
Step Three: Write a Weekly Schedule
Step Four: Study Techniques
Step Five: Study Notes and exam notes
Step Six: How to do a law exam
Step Seven: Researching and writing
Step Eight: Avoid procrastination! Never give up!
Step Nine: All the other things you need to know

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