Law of Nuclear Energy 2nd edition

Law of Nuclear Energy 2nd edition

By Helen Cook


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Date: 21/03/2018

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Whatever area in which you work – development, finance or research – this essential text can help you understand the ins and outs of The Law of Nuclear Energy.

Part 1: Offers a comprehensive overview of nuclear law and nuclear power projects, providing a foundation upon which countries can establish or develop legislative frameworks and regulate nuclear power projects.
Part 2: Covers the development of nuclear power projects, providing, amongst other things, guidance on producing a tender document evaluating tenders, a review of the key provisions of a nuclear construction contract and an introduction to nuclear finance. It also has chapters covering the front and back end of the nuclear fuel cycle.
Part 3: Discusses small modular nuclear reactors (“SMRs”) and future issues in international nuclear energy law.

The text:

  • Overviews the legal aspects of establishing a nuclear power programme
  • Discusses how to properly implement the obligations contained in the international conventions at a national level
  • Describes the primary components of national nuclear law and regulation, including licensing and permitting
  • Examines key areas of nuclear law, such as nuclear liability, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear safety and nuclear security
  • Considers how to develop nuclear power plant tenders and evaluate proposals
  • Describes different types of construction contracts and primary clauses, including dispute management and avoidance
  • Introduces nuclear finance and overviews nuclear power project risks and risk allocation
  • Describes the nuclear fuel cycle and discusses both the front and back ends of the cycle
  • Focuses on small modular nuclear reactors and their potential benefits and legal challenges

The 2nd edition has been updated throughout and features new chapters on:

  • Nuclear energy for policy makers, including in the context of climate change and sustainable development
  • Nuclear liability
  • Nuclear waste management, disposal and reprocessing

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