Lang & Morgan's NSW Estate Agency Law & Practice, 6th Edition

Lang & Morgan's NSW Estate Agency Law & Practice, 6th Edition

By Pamela Morgan, Andrew Lang


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Date: 20/02/2008

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Lang and Morgan's Estate Agency Law and Practice NSW is a well-established guide to the regulations that surround the practice and licensing of an estate agent in NSW. It also provides a clear and practical guide to the role of the estate agent in the conveyancing process.

In its first new edition since 1994, the sixth edition maintains and expands its detailed treatment of estate agency law and practice by updating legislation and case law. In particular, the new edition provides a detailed examination of the Property Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 , including an examination of the role of the Office of Fair Trading in issuing licenses, compliance and discipline of agents under the Act. The new edition also discusses the Rules of Conduct applicable to agents under the Property Stock and Business Agents Regulation 2003 and provides a timely overview of current conveyancing practices using the 2005 Contract for Sale of Land published by the Law Society of NSW and the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

This book is an invaluable reference tool for all real estate agents, those involved in land transactions and students of agency, tenancy or property practice.

Editorial Reviews

From:  The Australian TAFE Teacher, Winter 2010
Reviewed by Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh is part of the Organisational Improvement Team in North Coast TAFE.  She has nearly two decades of experience delivering and assessing 'In the vocational and tertiary sectors across a range' of qualifications.
Anything to do with law is bound to be complex. This applies to texts on the subject as well and this book is no exception.
In this 6th edition, Pamela Morgan has taken into account the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act2002 (NSW) and the associated repeal of the 1941 Act. This makes the book a very necessary purchase ­particularly for those still relying on the 1994 5'h edition. There have been many changes in the intervening years so this edition is exten­sively different.
The book is structured in five main sections:
1.       Contracts and the legal system;
2.       Sale, purchase and conveyancing practice;
3.       Other transactions involving land;
4.       Estate Agents -rights and obligations;
5.       Legislation.
At over 900 pages, it is a detailed and thorough treatise on the subject and certainly not a text to be taken lightly. The content is well researched, as would be expected in any book on the law. I would classify it as a reference rather than a text or learning resource.
Many judiciary decisions have been cited to provide clarification of various legal points. Even so, some readers will at times find this a difficult text to read. The language is necessarily precise in the way that only legal language can be. This linguistic accuracy is one of the positive features of the book. However, if used as a learning resource it will definitely rely on the intervention of a teacher to help students new to the industry under­stand the themes and finer points.
My recommendation for this book would be for real estate practitioners, teachers, libraries and students in higher level courses. This is a reference to digest in small chunks over a period of time, or refer to when an issue needs clarification.

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