Kennedy and Rose on the Law of Salvage 9e

Kennedy and Rose on the Law of Salvage 9e


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Date: 21/04/2017

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  • Provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of the law of salvage
  • Explains the underlying concepts of salvage so the principles on which disputes frequently turn are clear
  • Discusses the relationship between English Law and the IMO's Salvage Convention
  • Goes through all aspects of the salvage contract, including the standard salvage contract forms
  • Examines the duties of each party and the consequences of misconduct
  • Looks at salvage payments, covering who is liable and how they are distributed
  • Presents coverage of awards of salvage arbitrators which dominate the actual "case law" of salvage matters
  • Considers underwater cultural property and treasure
  • Examines environmental issues and how they impact on contractual and liability issues in modern salvage operations
  • Covers the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks and the Bunker Convention
  • Contains all the major salvage documents, international conventions, statutes, rules and regulations so they can be consulted easil

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