Keay s Insolvency: Personal & Corporate Law and Practice 10e

Keay s Insolvency: Personal & Corporate Law and Practice 10e

By Michael Murray, Jason Harris


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Keay’s Insolvency has become a recognised text on personal and corporate insolvency law and practice in Australia, and it is widely used by practitioners and regularly cited in court. 

It offers both a detailed explanation of the law, supported by case law and commentary, and of insolvency practice, along with the authors’ critical analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the regime and views on its need for reform.

There has been considerable developments since the 9th edition with Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 (Cth), (ILRA) which fully commenced on 1 September 2017 along with recent amendments made to the Corporations Act brought in by  the Treasury Laws Amendment (2017 Enterprise Incentives No. 2) Act 2017 (Cth), which introduces a new safe harbour for directors against insolvent trading for good faith restructuring efforts. This is aimed at assisting companies to restructure and avoid formal insolvency proceedings. The amendments also include protection against ipso facto clauses for creditors’ schemes, receivership and voluntary administration, which is aimed at facilitating restructuring using formal mechanisms. 

The 10th edition will continue to report and explain the latest in case law development, throughout issues including bankruptcy and winding up processes, voidable transactions, schemes and administrations, and other core insolvency law.  There have been a number of significant cases at the appellate level since the 9th edition.


Table of Contents


1. Introduction to Insolvency

2. Introduction to Bankruptcy

3. Going Bankrupt – Voluntary and Compulsory Bankruptcy

4. The Impact of Bankruptcy

5. The Recovery of Assets for Creditors

6. The Administration of the Bankruptcy

7. The End of a Bankruptcy and Beyond

8. Personal Insolvency Agreements

9. Debt Agreements

10. Introduction to Liquidation and Its Administration

11. Voluntary and Compulsory Winding Up

12. Provisional Liquidation

13. The Effects of Winding Up

14. Assets Available to the Liquidator

15. The Administration of the Winding Up

16. Criminal Offences and Civil Actions Against Company Directors

17. Termination of the Winding Up: Deregistration and Reinstatement

18. Receivership

19. Voluntary Administration

20. Deeds of Company Arrangement and Schemes of Arrangement

21. An Appraisal of Insolvency and Ideas for Reform

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