Keating on NEC3

Keating on NEC3

By David Thomas QC, Keating Chambers


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Date: 24/05/2012

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Written by a team of leading barristers from Keating Chambers led by David Thomas QC, Keating on NEC3 provides detailed guidance on the three contracts that comprise the NEC3 suite of construction contracts. Reproducing the complete terms of the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), Subcontract and Professional Services Contract, it sets out clause-by-clause commentary explaining how those contracts are intended to operate, highlighting any ambiguities or questions of interpretation that can arise. Keating on NEC3:
  • Provides a first port of call in advance of litigation, with detailed commentary on interpretation of clauses
  • Gives invaluable assistance for drafting, with practical discussion of why particular clauses are used and possible Amendments
  • Discusses relevant case law to show how the courts have interpreted the contracts
  • Outlines the dispute resolution options so agreement can be reached on the best method when drafting the contract
  • Gives guidance on the schedule and shorter schedule of cost components when negotiating the time and cost elements of a contract
  • Covers the contract data including works.
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom/Commonwealth/Hong Kong

Table of Contents

  • The aims and genesis of the NEC
  • The ECC and the other NEC3 contracts
  • The structure and drafting of the ECC contract
  • Clause-by-clause commentary on core clauses
  • Dispute resolution options
  • The secondary option clauses
  • The schedule and shorter schedule of cost components
  • The contract data including works.

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