Jurisprudence:Theory and Context 7e

Jurisprudence:Theory and Context 7e


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Date: 21/05/2015

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  • Explores and integrates models of practice and negotiation
  • Examines strategies and provides precedents
  • Assists practitioners, policy makers and the judiciary in addressing the issues affecting practice
  • Introduces the psychology of dispute resolution and working with high conflict parties
  • Provides an encyclopaedic work of reference for practitioners and students
  • Maintains dual focus on domestic and international dimension, and attention to developments in the EU (which will impact the UK)

“For an overview of jurisprudence that is insightful as well as clear, critical but also generous in its assessments, one can’t do better than this book.” Robert W Gordon, Yale Law School

“Professor Bix has a genius for writing about the most difficult and frequently arcane aspects of legal theory with a remarkable lightness of touch, an assurance, an authoritativeness, and a degree of accessibility which no other writer in this area can match.”
Adam Tomkins, John Millar Professor of Public Law, University of Glasgow

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