Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law 4e

Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law 4e

By Daniel Greenberg


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Date: 10/12/2015

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A research tool of historic and modern English legal terms, Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law is a unique authority that provides a concise, but comprehensive definition of each expression which forms part of English law. Jowitt:
  • Gives a distillation of legal concepts providing a first point of reference for research or for understanding an unfamiliar area of law
  • Covers European terms/law in so far as they form part of the law of England and Wales
  • Can be used to accurately draft, interpret and understand legal terminology and legal materials
  • Provides clarity on the meaning of words, for example as to what the terms of a contract might mean
  • Can be used as a guide when drafting legal documents or agreements as to the use of appropriate terms and terminology
  • Provides the historical context of words
  • Complements and is cross-referenced to Stroud's Judicial Dictionary.
Jurisdiction: England/Wales

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