Jones on Extradition & Mutual Assistance 4e

Jones on Extradition & Mutual Assistance 4e


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Jones on Extradition sets out the law and practice of extradition between the UK and other countries, providing an explanation of the latest issues, procedures and case law.

As well as covering extradition, mutual assistance is also covered with an explanation of how both of these concepts relate to each other and how they apply to specific situations. The author clarifies the general principles including how the law relates to other areas such as human rights and abductions highlighting the issues that need to be considered.

All relevant legislation and treaties are included so that all the relevant material is at hand for readers.

The 4th edition:

  • Covers the principles of extradition
  • Inlcudes the relevant rules both to and from European and other countries and the UK
  • Discusses cases (both reported and unreported) and legislation in context
  • Provides a thorough grounding in the law and practice in this area
  • Shows how the law relates to other areas such as human rights, setting out the law in context and raising issues for your consideration
  • Explains the categorisation of countries for extradition purposes, making clear which arrangements apply for specific countries
  • Analyses extradition procedures, both to and from the UK, such as arrest, hearing and appeals to ensure that procedures can be followed correctly
  • Explains where bars to extradition may apply and offers suggestions on how extradition may be challenged
  • Includes a new section on police powers plus expanded sections on international crimes and immunities and extradition & human rights, ensuring the reader is up-to-date with the latest thinking and practice on these topical issues
  • Provides relevant legislation, treaties and Codes of Practice so that key materials are to hand in one place, making research easier and quicker
  • Written by Alun Jones QC so the reader can rely on the commentary for legal acumen, accuracy and authority (he is recognised as an authority in this area and was instructed by the Government of Spain in the Pinochet extradition).
  • Essential reading for UK criminal and civil solicitors and barristers, the CPS and SFO, UK government bodies, UK courts and the judiciary. The focus on international co-operation ensures it will also have a broad appeal to Commonwealth countries and the USA.
  • Includes in full (with some annotation of UK materials) all the UK and International legislation and treaties that a lawyer working in this area needs
  • Covers the Extradition Act 2003; Crime (International Co-op) Act 2003; reforms at EU level; new US/UK and US/EU Treaty; and the highly controversial Eurowarrant thoroughly. Includes a section on police powers; and sections on international crimes & immunities, and extradition & human rights.

Table of Contents


Part A: The Historical and International Context

  • History 
  • Double Criminality and Speciality 
  • Political Offences and Offenders 
  • International Crimes and Immunities 
  • Extradition and Human Rights 
  • Irregular Rendition and Abduction

Part B: Extradition from the United Kingdom 

  • Categorisation of Countries-Category 1
    • Category 2 
    • Special extradition arrangements
  • Role of CPS, Extradition Squad, District Judge 
  • Arrest -Category 1
  • Provisional arrest 
  • Warrant received
  • Category 2
  • Provisional arrest
  • Request received 
  • Category 2
  • Extradition Offences -Category 1 
  • Initial Hearing -Bail 
  • Legal Aid 
  • Extradition Hearing -Category 1 
  • extraneous considerations 
  • passage of time 
  • age 
  • hostage-taking considerations 
  • specialty 
  • physical or mental condition 
  • earlier extradition 
  • human rights 
  • death penalty 
  • Category 2 
  • Category 2 
  • Bars to Extradition (both for Category 1 & 2) -double jeopardy
  • withdrawal
  • competing requests 
  • costs
  • Secretary of State & Category 2 cases 
  • Appeals -Category 1 
  • Consent to Extradition 
  • Other matters -time limits 
  • Post-extradition matters

Part C: Extradition to the UK 

  • Category 1 
  • Category 2

Part D: Police Powers

  • Warrants & Orders 
  • Search and seizure without warrant [including delivery of seized property]
  • Treatment following arrest

Part E: Mutual Assistance

  • History
  • The statutory scheme.


The statutory materials

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