Jervis on Coroners 13th edition Book+eBook

Jervis on Coroners 13th edition Book+eBook


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Date: 31/10/2014

Code: 9780414049741

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Jervis on Coroners is the definitive work on coroner's law and practice. It offers complete guidance on the legal system influenced by diverse government bodies, local authorities, the police, home office, Department of Health and the Department of Constitutional Affairs.

Jervis takes you logically through the legal principles, procedure and practice that is necessary before, during and after an inquest. Every aspect is covered, from basic practice and procedure through to the more complex areas of medical matters and instructions on dealing with special cases.

Author Paul Matthews' in-depth knowledge and expertise ensures that this vast and complex area of the law is clear and understandable. The text is interspersed with comprehensive annotation, detailed footnotes and helpful advice, including suggestions for further reading.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Office of Coroner
Chapter 1 The Office of the coroner
Chapter 2 Classification and Appointment of corners
Chapter 3 The office of Coroner
Chapter 4 Deputy and Assistant Deputy Coroners

Part II: Before the Inquest
Chapter 5 Assumption of Jurisdiction
Chapter 6 Coroners’ Powers Before(or in lieu of) Inquest
Chapter 7 Disposal of Human Remains

Part III: Medical matters
Chapter 8 Death
Chapter 9 Forensic Medicine and Pathology

Part IV: The Inquest
Chapter 10 Preliminaries
Chapter 11 General Matters at the inquest
Chapter 12 Procedure at the inquest
Chapter 13 Verdict and Inquisition

Part V: Special cases
Chapter 14 Homicide
Chapter 15 Notifiable Accidents and prescribed diseases
Chapter 16 Treasure
Chapter 17 Major Disasters

Part VI: After the inquest
Chapter 18 Matters after the inquiry
Chapter 19 reviewing inquisitions and coronial decisions
Chapter 20 Further proceedings
Chapter 21 Coroner and Human Rights
Chapter 22 Comparative death inquiry law
Part VIII: Appendices


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