International Criminal Law and Human Rights

International Criminal Law and Human Rights


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Date: 31/12/2003

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The relationship between international criminal law and international human rights remains under-examined and undeveloped, yet the principles overlap and inform each other. Thus international criminal law is undergoing a period of rapid change and development, and this book is a much-needed and informative response.
It provides students, academics and other interested persons with an accessible, thorough and in-depth analysis of this complex and challenging field. In addition to using a wide variety of sources to explain the new law and the role and operation of the future court, it analyses and interprets the various challenges confronting it and assesses its future role in public international law. Each international crime is examined in a separate chapter, eg genocide, war crimes, torture, crimes against humanity. Of particular note is the up-to-date chapter on terrorism as an international crime, which has hitherto received very limited treatment in texts on international criminal law. Further, a series of chapters address the boundaries of, and relationship between, international criminal law and human rights; for example human rights violations of women as international crime, and the uneasy position of human rights in extradition and immigration law.
Theoretical conceptions of international criminal law. International criminal jurisdiction. State responsibility. Torture. Terrorism. Genocide. Crimes against humanity. War crimes. Immigration, extradition and international human rights. The position of women in international criminal law. Relationship between international criminal law and human rights. Uncommon international crimes. UN responsibilities for maintenance of world peace. Past, present and future international courts and tribunals.
Jurisdiction: International

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