Injunctions 12th edition

Injunctions 12th edition


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Date: 20/11/2015

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Injunctions is a concise and practical guide to the subject of injunctions, with particular emphasis on procedure. The decision to grant or refuse an interim injunction will often be determinative of the whole dispute.


  • Covers the full range of injunctions in one volume.
  • Provides a concise and practical guide with particular emphasis on explanation of procedure.
  • Sets out what remedies are available and to which situations they are best suited.
  • Covers all matters of jurisdiction and the discretionary powers of different courts.
  • Fully explains the criteria for both permanent and interim injunctions.
  • Gives step-by-step analysis of practice and procedure, covering interim applications, other proceedings (including appeals), freezing injunctions, search orders and contempt of court.
  • Contains a useful collection of official and unofficial precedents.
  • Includes a chapter on matrimonial and domestic proceedings written by Her Honour Judge Isabel Parry.
  • Deals with special cases such as ones dealing with restraint of publications, employment contracts, public law, defendants outside the jurisdiction, restraint of legal proceedings, and discrimination.
This 12th Edition includes essential updates on:
  • Damages in lieu of an injunction: Lawrence v Fen Tigers
  • No injunction to ban autobiography: Rhodes v OPO
  • The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
  • Important recent case law on freezing injunctions
  • New powers for district judges in injunction cases

Table of Contents

Part A Jurisdiction:  


  • Introduction  
  • Criteria: Permanent Injunctions  
  • Criteria: Interim Injunctions  
  • Special Cases in the Law of Injunctions 


Part B Practice and Procedure:   


  • Interim Applications  
  • Other Proceedings  
  • Freezing Injunctions  
  • Search Orders 
  • Contempt of Court 


Part C Matrimonial and Domestic Proceedings:


  • Matrimonial  Injunctions and Similar Orders 


Part D  Precedents

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