Goode on Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law 4e

Goode on Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law 4e

By Roy Goode


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Date: 31/05/2011

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"There must be few commentators who by saying so little can convey so much. The exposition is masterly." – Law Quarterly Review
This highly regarded publication provides, clearly and concisely, the general philosophical principles underpinning insolvency law. Addressing the vast amount of legislative change over recent years, and  the latest case law, it provides an authoritative focus on issues which are of great importance to the work of insolvency practitioners and those they advise. The book:
  • Helps practitioners understand the complex principles on which disputes frequently turn
  • Combines academic rigour with a keen focus on problems of interest to practising lawyers
  • Highlights problem areas in legislation, case law and practice – and suggests theoretical and practical solutions
  • Examines the many recent developments in insolvency legislation and case law
  • Includes expanded analysis of administration to take into account the ongoing effect of the Enterprise Act
  • Contains enhanced treatment of costs, with a particular focus on recent litigation in this area
  • Discusses developments in international insolvency law as they affect proceedings in the UK, including many important cross-border insolvency decisions.
New for this edition
  • Incisive analysis of the anti-deprivation rule in the context of the Lehman Brothers litigation on synthetic securitisation
  • Detailed review of the Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 2006, implementing the UNCITRAL Model Law
  • Comprehensive re-examination of the EU Insolvency Regulation and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice relating to it
  • Revised and expanded chapters on restructuring, schemes of arrangement and company voluntary arrangements.
The History and Framework of Corporate Insolvency Law; The Foundations of Corporate Insolvency Law; The Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law; The Concept of Corporate Insolvency; The Winding-Up Process: An outline; Winding-Up: Assets Available for Distribution; The Anti-Deprivation Rule; The Proof, Valuation and Ranking of Claims in Winding-Up; Set-Off and Netting; Administrative Receivership; Administration; Restructuring and Arrangements; The Avoidance of Transaction on Winding-Up or Administration; Improper Trading and Duties and Liabilities and Directors; The European Insolvency Regime; International Insolvency. Appendices: Council Regulation 1346/2000 on insolvency proceedings; EC Regulation 210/2010 amending the Insolvency Regulation; Cross Border Insolvency Regulations 2006 implementing the UNCITRAL Model Law; UK Insolvency Act 1986 section 426; UK Insolvency Act 2000 section 14; Virgos-Schmit Report on the EU Insolvency Convention.
Jurisdiction: UK

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