Glanville Williams: Learning the Law 16e

Glanville Williams: Learning the Law 16e


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Date: 23/08/2016

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First published in 1945, Glanville Williams: Learning the Law has been introducing new and prospective law students to the foundation skills needed to study law effectively for almost 70 years. Presenting an overview of the English Legal System and covering the essential legal skills that students need to master if they want to succeed both in their legal studies and in their future careers, this is a must-have book for all new law students.

This title is of particular interest to undergraduate students on the LLB, postgraduate students on the GDL. It is particularly important as reading to prepare for a law degree, and offers practical advice and guidance throughout the formative year of study.

Glanville Williams: Learning the Law is the classic introductory text for all those starting out in law:

  • Conveys to the would-be Law student what might be in store should he or she decide to study law
  • Covers the English legal system, the vocabulary of law, and tips and techniques for the study and practice of law
  • Identifies the broad range of legal careers and provides useful tips on applications
  • Ends with a section of recommended reads to bring further insight and inspiration to the young lawyer
  • Conceived by the late, great Glanville Williams QC, Professor, scholar, and highly influential writer about the law; updated since 12th edition by Tony Smith, criminal barrister and Professor of law

This edition features important updates to the law and legal industry since the previous edition.

Table of Contents

  • The Divisions of the Law
  • The Mechanism of Scholarship
  • The European Dimension
  • Methods of Study
  • Technical Terms
  • Case Law Technique
  • The Interpretation of Statutes
  • Working Out Problems
  • Answering Essay Questions
  • In the Exam Room
  • Moots, Mock Trials and other
  • Competitions
  • Legal Research
  • From Learning to Earning
  • General Reading

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