Family Law, 6th Edition - eBook

Family Law, 6th Edition - eBook

By Anthony Dickey QC

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Date: 11/10/2013

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In the sixth edition of Family Law, Anthony Dickey QC continues to offer a comprehensive and eloquent outline of the substantive rules of family law in Australia. This well-respected text offers an indispensible reference tool for legal practitioners and students alike.

Substantial changes have been included in the sixth edition. In particular, a new chapter has been added on de facto relationships. This addresses amendments to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), including the new Part VIIIAB relating to financial agreements for de facto couples, and new and amended State and Territory Acts for relationships and civil partnerships. This edition further addresses various implications of family law for de facto partners, such as proceedings in financial causes, de facto maintenance provisions, and property settlement proceedings.

The sixth edition also includes discussion of developments in administrative assessment of child support, covering topics such as the duty of parents, eligibility, formalities and procedures; and the jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (formerly the Federal Magistrates Court).

Table of Contents

Table of contents

1 Historical Introduction

2 Commonwealth and State Powers in Family Law

3 Introduction to the Family Law Act

4 Six Basic Terms: “Parent”, “Child”, “Party to a Marriage”, “Child of a Marriage”, “De Facto Partner”, “Child of a De Facto Partner”

5 Genesis of the Family Court

6 Family Law Courts

7 Resolution of Disputes under the Family Law Act

8 Jurisdiction of Courts Administering the Family Law Act

9 Introduction to Marriage and Nullity of Marriage

10 Marriage and Nullity of Marriage

11 Forms of Relief for a Void Marriage

12 Establishing the Existence of Marriage

13 Introduction to Divorce

14 Divorce

15 De Facto Relationships

16 The Status of Children

17 Establishing the Parentage of Children

18 Parental Powers and Responsibilities

19 Persons Possessing Parental Responsibility

20 Private Re-allocation of Parental Powers and Responsibilities

21 Parenting Orders

22 The Welfare Power

23 Best Interests of the Child the Paramount Consideration

24 Common Considerations in Parenting Proceedings

25 Orders for Contact with a Child

26 Introduction to Financial Relief for De Facto Partners under the Family Law Act

27 Introduction to Maintenance

28 Spousal Maintenance Liability

29 Spousal Maintenance Orders

30 Maintenance for Mothers of Ex-nuptial Children

31 Background to Current Child Maintenance Law

32 Administrative Assessment of Child Support

33 Registration and Collection of Child Support

34 Child Maintenance under the Family Law Act

35 Introduction to Matrimonial Property

36 Introduction to Property Orders under the Family Law Act

37 The Meaning of “Property” under the Family Law Act

38 Property Jurisdiction under the Family Law Act

39 Declaration of Property Interests

40 Alteration of Property Interests: The Terms of Section 79(1)

41 Alteration of Property Interests: The Three Basic Steps

42 Alteration of Property Interests: Four Particular Powers

43 Alteration of Property Interests: The Requirement of Justice and Equity

44 Alteration of Property Interests: The Seven Considerations

45 Alteration of Property Interests: Variation of Property Orders

46 Alteration of Property Interests: Nuptial Settlements

47 Further Feature of Part VIII: Termination of Financial Relations

48 Power of Court to Set Aside Transactions

49 Introduction to Financial Agreements

50 Financial Agreements

51 Injunctions

52 Injunctions and Third Parties

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