Evidence Law in Qld, SA and WA

Evidence Law in Qld, SA and WA

By Andrew Hemming, Robyn Layton

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Date: 12/12/2016

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A textbook that covers the law of evidence in the three common law states of Qld, SA and WA, as well as comparative material with the Uniform Evidence Acts. Each chapter will cover the two main evidence regimes (common law and UEA) bringing out any significant differences between Qld, SA and WA.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction and Evidence Basics

Chapter 2 Competence, Compellability and Special Classes of Wintesses

Chapter 3 Proof, Presumptions Prima Facie Case

Chapter 4 Privilege

Chapter 5 Examination of Witnesses

Chapter 6 Character Evidence and the Accused as Witness

Chapter 7 Similar Fact or Propensity Evidence

Chapter 8 OPinion, Identification and Corroboration Evidence

Chapter 9 Documentary Evidence and Real Evidence

Chapter 10 Rule Against Hearsay and Res Gestae

Chapter 11 Confessions and Admissions

Chapter 12 Unlawful and Improperly Obtained Evidence


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