Evidence in Practice

Evidence in Practice

By Brianna Chesser, Graham Thomas, Geoffrey Horgan


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Date: 04/12/2018

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Evidence in Practice is designed to assist the reader to critically examine the development, role and use of the laws of evidence. It will also assist the reader to prepare for a moot and gives practical advice on how a real trial might be prepared for and conducted. Concentrating on the areas of evidence law that the reader should be familiar with, Evidence in Practice then offers advice as to how that knowledge might be employed in the setting of a moot and trial.

The Honourable Justice Peter Kidd, Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria -

"The journey into the law of evidence must start somewhere. This book is a useful starting point. It is succinct and clearly written, intended for those who are inexperienced with the law of evidence, rather than a professional text for the initiated. In that sense it is a primer, preparing the way for, hopefully, the subsequent mastering of the complexities of this important area of law...

I highly recommend this book for what it is, a very readable and concise introduction to the law of evidence under the Uniform Evidence Acts."

Table of Contents



Part 1

Evidence in Context

Chapter 1

Introduction to the Uniform Evidence Law

Chapter 2

Admissibility of Evidence

Chapter 3

Adducing Evidence

Chapter 4

Witness Competence and Compellability

Chapter 5

Hearsay and Opinion

Chapter 6

Credibility and Character

Chapter 7

Tendency and coincidence

Chapter 8

Judicial discretions and warnings

Part 2

Evidence in Practice - Key Legal Skills

Chapter 9

The Moot

Chapter 10

The Trial

Chapter 11

The Summary Hearing

Chapter 12

Tunc pro nunc: Geoffrey Horgan QC


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