Discrimination Law: Theory & Context: Bindman

Discrimination Law: Theory & Context: Bindman

By Nicholas Bamforth, Maleiha Malik, Colm O'Cinneide


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Date: 25/03/2008

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  • Utilises a text and materials format accompanied by extensive author commentary integrating both the theory and law.
  • Adopts a comparative and constitutional approach to discrimination law.
  • Provides a comprehensive exposition of anti-discrimination law, comparing domestic law, EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights, and US, Canadian and South African law.
  • Places the law in context by considering the history of anti-discrimination protection and their political and philosophical justifications.
  • An excellent text for students and academics in the fields of employment law, anti-discrimination law, civil liberties, human rights and constitutional law.
Key Issues and Questions in Discrimination Law. Sources and Scope of Domestic Discrimination Law. Theoretical Justification for Discrimination Law. Direct Discrimination. Indirect Discrimination. Justifying Positive Action. Implementing Positive Action. Harassment, Hate Crimes and Hate Speech. Multiple discrimination and Intersectionality. Sex Discrimination. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination. Race Discrimination. Religious Discrimination – Maleiha Malik. Disability Discrimination. Age Discrimination. Individual Remedies. Collective Remedies and Extra Legal Strategies.
Jurisdiction: International

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