Default and Summary Judgments in Canada

Default and Summary Judgments in Canada

By Michael Tweedie


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Date: 15/12/2012

Code: 9780888046185

Carswell, Canada

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Default and Summary Judgments in Canada

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Default and Summary Judgments in Canada is the first work available to deal completely with default and summary judgments in Canada. This single publication contains information on substantive, procedural and evidentiary law, normally only available from very diverse sources. It provides the latest legal citations and other supporting information, as well as annotations, commentary and practical advice to help point you in the right direction.

It is concise, easy to understand, and logically laid out, making it easy for you to access the research you need.

The handbook:

• Provides a quick overview of procedure and issues of law

• Analyzes noteworthy and everyday cases involving the use of default and summary motions – expertly chosen by the author

• Demonstrates the interactions between the parties involved

Table of Contents


Default Judgment

• Introduction

• Delay in Defending or in Moving to Set Aside

• Defence on the Merits

• Solicitor’s Affidavit

• Justiciable Issue

• Terms of Setting Aside the Judgment

• Appeal

Summary Judgment Mot ions

• Introduction

• Availability

• Partial Summary Judgment

• Fraud

• Procedural Conversion

• Adjournments

• Evidence on the Motion

• Judicial Admissions

–– Introduction

–– Related Conviction

–– Future Facts

–– Assumed Facts

• Moving Party

• Responding Party

• Presumption of Credibility

• The Test

• Ontario’s 2010 Procedure

• The Onus

• Unsettled Law

• The Responding Affidavit

• Acceptable Evidence

• Amendment During Motion

• Costs

• Simplified Procedure – Rule 76

• Appeals

–– Introduction

–– From a Judge

–– From a Master

–– Standard of Review

• Setting Aside a Summary Judgment

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