Data Protection Law & Practice 4th 1sup

Data Protection Law & Practice 4th 1sup


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Date: 21/11/2014

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This is the First Supplement updating the Fourth Edition of Data Protection Law and Practice by Rosemary Jay.

There have been significant developments in the field since the last edition in 2012. Many have given rise to passionate debate and have potentially far-reaching impacts on clients. They include the new 'Right to be Forgotten', the dramatic overturning of the data retention rules by the CJEU and the impact of the .care data project. All these and more are covered in this Supplement. Highlights of the coverage include:

  • examination of the ground-breaking decision of the CJEU in the case of Costeja v Google covering the Right to be Forgotten;
  • explanation of the changes to the data retention regime and the accompanying access rules;
  • review of the data protection aspects of Leveson and the current state of play;
  • analysis of the radical developments in the case law on damages under the Act;
  • update on developments in the governance of data-sharing;
  • exploration of the recent case law from the UK and the EU on privacy and data protection;
  • expert report on developments and the state of play in the new EU data protection regime.

The Supplement updates the essential main work up to the end of August 2014.

Updated chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Progress on the draft Regulation and some international development
  • Chapter 2: New case law in privacy
  • Chapter 3: CJEU case law update including Google and the Right to be Forgotten
  • Chapter 4: Territorial application and concept of establishment
  • Chapter 6: Impact of the Right to be Forgotten decision
  • Chapter 7: Cyber security proposals from the EU
  • Chapter 8: Criticisms of Safe Harbor
  • Chapter 14: New case law on damages, additional material on limitation periods
  • Chapter 17: Update on Leveson proposals
  • Chapter 20: Enforcement appeals and international enforcement
  • Chapter 22: Case law on enforcement
  • Chapter 23: Coulson NoW judgement on RIPA
  • Chapter 24: Declaration of invalidity of Directive
  • Chapter 26: Data sharing proposals
  • Chapter 27: New cases on disclosure of criminal records
  • Also features the CCTV Statutory Code of Practice

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