Currie on Confirmation of Executors

Currie on Confirmation of Executors

By W Green


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Date: 25/11/2011

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Completely revised and fully updated, this new edition takes account of legislation which recognises the variety of family structures which now exist. This includes the Civil Partnership Act 2004 and the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006. This 9th edition also includes up-to-date information in relation to the distribution of financial entitlements and deals with the rules on the responsibilities of executors in relation to reporting for inheritance tax.

It has been 16 years since the publication of the previous edition of Currie and in this time there have been huge changes across the Scottish legal landscape, many of which impact upon private law and executries. However, what remains constant with this new edition is that, as stated by James G. Currie "The purpose of this book is to afford practical guidance in the preparation of Inventories and in expending Confirmation." This book continues to meet this aim and to be the last word for Scottish solicitors on executries, but in what is a very different world.

Table of Contents

• Introduction

• Domicile

• Validity of Testamentary Writings Pre-August 1,

1995 rules

• Validity of Testamentary Writings Executed on orafter August 1995

• Confirmation of Executors – Nominate

• Confirmation of Executors – Dative

• The Form and Procedure in Dative Petitions

• Problem Groups of Executors

• Caution

• Preparation of the Inventory

• Small Estates

• The Inventory and the Capital Taxes Office

• Payments without Exhibiting Confirmation

• The Effect of Confirmations and Grants of Probate or Administration

• Resealing under Colonial Probates Act 1892

• Transmission of Trust and Executry Property

• Additional Inventories and Confirmations

• Records – Extracts – Calendars

• Judicial Proceedings

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