Craies on Legislation 11e Mainwork + Supplement

Craies on Legislation 11e Mainwork + Supplement

By Daniel Greenberg


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Date: 08/09/2017

Code: 9780414065796

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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The volume and complexity of legislation, the establishment of the devolved legislatures, the influence of the European Union and use of secondary legislation all make it increasingly difficult for practitioners to know how to follow and apply, and sometimes challenge, the legislation that is relevant to their clients in every area of the law. Craies on Legislation is a practitioner’s guide to the nature, process, effect and interpretation of legislation.

Key Features:

  • Provides detailed guidance on assessing legislative intention and is a key reference tool for lawyers who have to administer, advise, argue or adjudicate on Acts of Parliament and statutory instruments
  • Looks at the nature of legislation, the legislation process, the effect of legislation, the interpretation of legislation.
  • Provides answers to the difficult questions often faced when interpreting a piece of legislation
  • Addresses the practical problems that are likely to occur to the users of legislation rather than academic concerns

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