Corporations and Contract Law 2nd ed

Corporations and Contract Law 2nd ed

By Alex Wan


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Date: 05/01/2018

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A custom publication for students at Swinburne University of Technology undertaking Corporations and Contract Law.

Compiled by Dr Alex Wan, this text contains chapters from Lipton et al, Understanding Company Law (19th ed, 2018) and Graw, An Introduction to the Law of Contract (9th ed, 2017).

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: An introduction to the Australian legal system

Chapter 2: An introduction to contract

Chapter 3: The offer

Chapter 4: Acceptance

Chapter 5: Intention to be bound

Chapter 6: Consideration

Chapter 7: Contents of a contract

Chapter 8: Misrepresentation

Chapter 9: Discharging a contract

Chapter 10: Remedies


Chapter 11: Registration and its effects

Chapter 12: Types of companies

Chapter 13: Constitution and replaceable rules

Chapter 14: The company’s relations with outsiders

Chapter 15: Directors

Chapter 16: Good faith and proper purpose

Chapter 17: Conflicts of interest and disclosure

Chapter 18: Duties of care, skill and diligence

Chapter 19: Directors of insolvent companies

Chapter 20: Remedies and penalties for breach of duty

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