Conveyancing Manual NSW

Conveyancing Manual NSW

By Maged Jebeile, Claire Martin


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Date: 05/09/2001

Code: 41182326

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Conveyancing Manual NSW

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Available Formats

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eSub - ProView Conveyancing Manual NSW eSubscription 19/12/2013 41588471 N/A
Online Conveyancing Manual NSW 05/09/2001 41182326 N/A


This online practice manual provides practitioners with comprehensive step-by-step guidance for conducting conveyancing transactions of all types and levels in New South Wales, and an authoritative exposition of the legislation and case law related to conveyancing.

The service takes practitioners through the standard form contract, guiding them through the process of filling out and compiling the contract; what the terms of the contract mean; how they have been interpreted by the courts; and how to formulate any required contractual amendments via special conditions to protect the needs of individual clients.

Practitioners are then guided through the entire conveyancing transaction, from pre-exchange to post-completion.

The product then provides practitioners with clear and authoritative guidance on a range of conveyancing topics such as Options, Foreign Ownership, Environmental Problems, Capital Gains Tax, and many more.

Alongside the clear and authoritative exposition of the law, and the clear and comprehensive guidance through the processes and procedures of conveyancing, the text provides a range of useful precedents, and checklists, sample conditions and examples of standard forms such as those used by local councils, Land and Property Information etc.

The online and Proview versions offer users the ability to utilise live links (subject to subscription to the relevant services) to directly access cases, legislation and commentary via services like First Point.

The Conveyancing Manual is a valuable asset to any firm practising, or seeking to practise conveyancing, and equips practitioners from the novice level through to the experienced conveyancer with clear and authoritative guidance on the law and practice of conveyancing in New South Wales.

Our new author, Maged Jebeile, accredited specialist in Property Law and a member of the Law Society’s Property Law Committee has joined the service in 2017, comprehensively updating each chapter to keep practitioners abreast of major legislative and policy changes, particularly the raft of electronic conveyancing reforms.

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