Context and Method in Australian Law 1st edition eBook

Context and Method in Australian Law 1st edition eBook

By Russell Hinchy

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Date: 31/01/2019

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Context and Method in Australian Law takes an innovative approach to introductory teaching and learning for first year law students. The approach is based on inquiry-guided learning and emphasises higher-order, creative and critical thinking skills because these transferrable skills underpin student learning, legal analysis and future legal practice. Context and Method in Australian Law develops these fundamental, transferrable skills through a comprehensive and innovative coverage of the historical, institutional, analytical and statutory context of law in Australia. This title includes a chapter on legal research and legal writing contributed by Dr Narrelle Morris, a Senior Lecturer with Curtin Law School.

Table of Contents

Part 1              Historical Context

Chapter 1        Law and Legal Justice

Chapter 2        The Common Law System

Chapter 3        Reception of English Law

Part 2              Institutional Context

Chapter 4        Colonial Institutions and Federation

Chapter 5        Parliament

Chapter 6        Legislation

Chapter 7        Judiciary and the Courts

Part 3              Analytical Context

Chapter 8        Legal Reasoning

Chapter 9        Ratio Decidendi and Case Analysis

Chapter 10      Precedent

Part 4              Statutory Context

Chapter 11      Theories of Statutory Interpretation

Chapter 12      Statutory Reasoning

Chapter 13      Applied Statutory Interpretation  

Part 5              Legal Research and Writing Skills

Chapter 14      Legal Research and Writing


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