Contemporary Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia Volume1 2nd Edition

Contemporary Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia Volume1 2nd Edition

By Paula Gerber, Melissa Castan


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Contemporary Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia provides a comprehensive, accessible and scholarly examination of many of the key human rights issues facing Australia today. Written for human rights and legal scholars, legal practitioners and those readers who wish to increase their understanding of the field, this book provides a timely and intriguing discussion on the law and policy regarding the application of human rights standards in Australia today.

The contributors are many of the nation’s leading and emerging experts in human rights, drawn from both legal and non-legal disciplines, and from varied backgrounds including universities, NGOs and the Australian Human Rights Commission. The authors outline and explore a collection of thought-provoking and controversial topics, presenting clear, articulate and engaging chapters that skilfully highlight both introductory ideas and in-depth critical analysis.

Editorial Reviews

"This book offers a remarkable portrait of the state of human rights protection in Australia towards the end of 2012.  It reveals a country that enjoys many important attributes of basic human rights, but a land that is seriously ambivalent about the desirable means of securing such rights. This book will contribute to advancing the dialogue and encouraging greater enlightenment about the protection of human rights." - The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

 "This book is just what we need; an insightful analysis of the current state of human rights law in Australia, along with guidance about how we can improve the protection and  promotion of human rights in this country." - Professor Gillian Triggs, President, Australian Human Rights Commission

"This is a timely and important book for all Australians, but it should be compulsory reading for all Australian parliamentarians” - Julian Burnside


Table of Contents

  1. The Current Human Rights Landscape (Melissa Castan & Paula Gerber)
  2. Australia’s Human Rights Framework: Action Without Accountability? (Phil Lynch)
  3. Does Australia Need a Bill of Rights? (Julie Debeljak)
  4. The High Court and Human Rights: Recent Developments (Melissa Castan)
  5. Australia’s Engagement with the United Nations (Kate Eastman)
  6. Protection and Enjoyment of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Andrew Byrnes)
  7. Anti Discrimination Laws in Australia (Beth Gaze)
  8. Are we there yet? Is Australia Protecting the Rights of People with Disabilities? (Lee Ann Basser)
  9. Marriage Equality in Australia (Paula Gerber and Adiva Sifris)
  10. Identifying the Invisible: Women’s Human Rights and Substantive Gender Equality in Australia (Henrietta Zeffert)
  11. A Woman’s Right to Choose: Human Rights and Abortion in Australia (Ronli Sifris)
  12. Children’s rights in Australia: Confronting the challenges (John Tobin)
  13. Human Rights and Australia’s Indigenous Peoples (Mick Gooda)
  14. Boat People and the Body Politic (Tania Penovic)
  15. The Human Rights impact of Australia’s Mental Health Laws (Bernadette McSherry)
  16. Protecting the Human Rights of Prisoners in Australia (Bronwyn Naylor)
  17. Human rights and Anti-Terrorism laws (Spencer Zifcak)
  18. A Human Right to a Healthy Environment (Rowena Cantley-Smith)
  19. Balancing Religious Freedom and other Human Rights (Carolyn Evans)
  20. Muslim Identity and Human Rights in Australia (Samina Yasmeen)
  21. Do Australians Care about Racism? Awareness, Hierarchies of Sympathy and Universality of Human Rights (Kevin Dunn)
  22. Human Rights Education in the Australian Curriculum (Paula Gerber and Annie Pettitt)

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