Constitutional Law Principles 1st Edition

Constitutional Law Principles 1st Edition

By Scott Guy


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Date: 15/08/2013

Code: 9780455231648

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Constitutional Law Principles documents the wealth of case law which has developed over the past century, in addition to engaging critically with the Australian Constitution to determine how responsive and relevant it is to contemporary concerns and socio-economic issues.

In addressing the challenge of how much scope there is within the federal constitutional framework to adapt to modern socio-economic conditions, students are asked to consider whether new, dynamic and innovative approaches to interpreting constitutional powers can ensure the Constitution’s continuing relevance, or whether constitutional amendment is a requirement for maintaining the Australian Constitution’s responsiveness to contemporary needs.

Constitutional Law Principles focuses on the most prominent constitutional provisions which relate to Australia’s evolving nationhood and which also serve to protect individual rights and interests within a changing contemporary society.

Topics include:

  • Constitutionalism and Constitutional Government
  • Federalism
  • Judicial Review and the Separation of Powers
  • Interpretive Approaches to the Australian Constitution
  • Characterisation and Inconsistency
  • Constitutional Rights and Freedoms
  • Economic Powers
  • Fiscal Powers
  • External Affairs and Defence Powers


1 Constitutionalism and constitutional government

2 Federalism

3 The Concepts of Judicial Review and the Doctrine of the Separation of


4 Interpretive Approaches to the Australian Constitution

5 Characterisation and Inconsistency

6 Rights and Freedoms in the Australian Constitution

7 Economic Powers of the Commonwealth

8 Fiscal Powers of the Australian Constitution

9 External Affairs and Defence Powers

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