Constitutional Law of Canada 2017 Student Edition

Constitutional Law of Canada 2017 Student Edition

By Peter Hogg QC


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Date: 30/06/2017

Code: 9780779880348

Carswell, Canada


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Peter W. Hogg's Constitutional Law of Canada remains the classic text in its field, and the one to which practitioners turn for authoritative guidance on the complex issues and concepts which comprise Canadian constitutional law. The 2017 Student Edition is an abridged version of the looseleaf two-volume, 5th Edition Supplemented, which was extensively revised in 2007, along with chapter reorganizations, to better reflect the doctrine recently developed by the Supreme Court. The Student Edition contains 35 of the 60 chapters found in the looseleaf that the author has deemed most likely to be useful to students. For ease of reference, the title of each of the omitted chapters are listed in their appropriate place in the Table of Contents of this edition. The Student edition includes the full Table of Cases and Index found in the looseleaf edition. Its softcover, smaller size, portability and lower price make the 2016 Student Edition the ideal starting point for the study of constitutional law by students across Canada, and a valuable addition to any course about constitutional law.

Organized into four parts, Constitutional Law of Canada, 2017 Student Edition gives you:

  • Easy-to-understand commentary that sheds light on the meaning of constitutional provisions as interpreted and applied by the courts
  • A broad perspective that includes references to the constitutional law of the United States and other Commonwealth countries
  • Seven updated appendices with the full text of crucial, and often difficult to find, Canadian and international constitutional documents, including all relevant Canadian constitutional legislation, the American Bill of Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • A complete and up-to-date bibliography and an index that is accurate for the whole of this new edition

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