Comparative Law of International Arbitration 2ed

Comparative Law of International Arbitration 2ed

By Jean-Francois Poudret, Sebastien Besson


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Date: 30/04/2007

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This new and updated English language edition of an acclaimed French text guides practitioners through the international arbitration process from beginning to end. It:

  • Compares the rules in each of the major arbitration jurisdictions at each stage of the process.
  • Helps practitioners decide which jurisdiction / institution’s rules they wish to be bound by.
  • Pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of arbitration in each jurisdiction.
  • Supplies detailed guidance on topics such as the arbitration agreement, how to progress a case, the award and enforcement of the award.
  • Reproduces a comprehensive selection of comparative materials, drawn from the UNCITRAL and UN texts, as well as national legislation from Sweden, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, Holland, France and Switzerland.


  • Definition and sources of international arbitration.
  • The law of arbitration and the role of the seat of the arbitration.
  • The Arbitration Agreement.
  • The Arbitral Tribunal.
  • The arbitral procedure.
  • The applicable law to the basis of the dispute.
  • The Award.
  • Challenges to the award at the seat of arbitration.
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.
  • General conclusions.

Jurisdiction: International

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