Commentary on the LCIA Rules 2nd Edition

Commentary on the LCIA Rules 2nd Edition

By Shai Wade, Stephen York


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For the first time Commentary on the LCIA Rules brings you a full assessment of the Rules, as well as advice on areas for consideration when choosing London as the venue for your arbitration. This new text presents article-by-article commentary on the LCIA Rules and refers to previous decisions making it easy to research case law and awards.
  • From the first considerations of the formation of the tribunal, the proceedings themselves, to the conclusion and challenges, Commentary to LCIA Arbitration is the authority to have at your side.
  • Gives you all the practical background information when choosing London and the LCIA Rules for an arbitration
  • Goes through every aspect of the proceedings so you have expert guidance throughout
  • Covers all issues that need to be considered when forming an Arbitral Tribunal
  • Discusses the challenge, removal or replacement of arbitrators so you are prepared in case of changes
  • Refers to previous decisions of the LCIA Court, giving you expert insight into the LCIA
  • Features Model Forms for an LCIA Arbitration so you have all key documentation required during an LCIA Rules Arbitration
  • Includes comparative analysis of equivalent provisions in other Arbitral Rules.
Jurisdiction: International
Pre-order: This item will be available on: 30 Jun 2021

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