Civil Remedies in NZ (2nd Ed)

Civil Remedies in NZ (2nd Ed)

By Sir Richard Blanchard


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Date: 20/12/2012

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The highly anticipated second edition of Civil Remedies in New Zealand is the definitive reference point for practitioners, judges, and law students seeking to find the appropriate remedy for liability in civil law in New Zealand.

Updated and rewritten by an unrivalled author team, Civil Remedies in New Zealand (2nd ed) continues to act as a reminder that it is unwise to put effort into proving or disproving liability without thoroughly considering what remedy may be available if the claimant is successful.


Part 1: Remedies of Compensation

Contract; Torts; Equitable Damages; Damages under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (NEW)

Part 2: Remedies of Prohibition and Compulsion

Permanent Injunctions; Interim Injunctions; Freezing and Seizing Orders; Specific Performance

Part 3: Return of Property/Disgorgement

Restitutionary Remedies; Proprietary Remedies

Part 4: Statutory Discretion as to Relief and Remedies

Part 5: Punishment/Disapprobation

Exemplary Damages; Aggravated Damages

Part 6: Declaratory Relief

Part 7: Contribution

Part 8: Specific Statutory Rights

Official Information Acts; Privacy Act 1993; Human Rights Act 1993

Part 9: Limitations on Remedies

Part 10: Taxation of Monetary Awards (NEW)

Part 11: Costs

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