Civil Costs 5th edition

Civil Costs 5th edition

By Peter Hurst


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Date: 21/08/2013

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  • Provides a thorough and authoritative survey of the costs regime under the Civil Procedure Rules
  • Deals with all areas of civil costs, from the basic principles of entitlement to the practical details of how costs – both non-contentious and contentious – are assessed
  • Explains the new costs legislation and rules following on from the implementation of the Jackson reforms
  • Explains costs management, costs budgeting and costs capping in detail
  • Deals with the new provisions relating to Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), Damages Based Agreements (DBAs),the transitional provisions and exceptions and the implications of these changes
  • Covers the introduction of Qualified One Way Costs Shifting, the 10% increase in damages and the changes to Part 36 (an additional amount up to £75,000 where a defendant fails to beat a claimant’s Part 36 offer)
  • Sets out the transitional provisions and in particular the exceptions relating to Mesothelioma, insolvency and publication and privacy proceedings
  • Details the provisions relating to recoverable ATE premiums in negligence cases
  • Provides a wealth of detail and information including the latest cases about all aspects of civil costs

Table of Contents


  • Introduction
  • The Civil Procedure Rules 1998
  • The relationship with the client

Entitlement to costs

  • General principles of entitlement to costs
  • Agreements as to costs

Assessment of costs

  • Non-contentious costs
  • Contentious costs

Practice & Procedure

  • Application for and attendance upon detailed assessment


  • Review and appeal

Penalties and Sanctions

  • Wasted costs sanctions and the court’s inherent jurisdiction

Particular matters

  • Court of Protection, Arbitration and Other Tribunals
  • Costs of trustees, personal representatives and under contract, protective cost orders, orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • Lien and recovery of costs
  • Charging orders
  • Security for costs in litigation
  • Recovery, interest and reimbursement of costs

General principles of assessment

  • General principles of assessment

Supreme Court, of the United Kingdom and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

  • Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
  • Judicial Committee of the Privy Council


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