China Labour Law : A Q & A Guide for Foreign Lawyers and HR Managers

China Labour Law : A Q & A Guide for Foreign Lawyers and HR Managers


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Date: 30/04/2015

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China Labour Law: A Q&A Guide for Foreign Lawyers and HR Managers is aimed at helping foreign lawyers and human resources managers understand China’s labour law framework. The format is based on the author’s practical experiences and analyses of case studies and select local city regulations, such as Tianjin, Chongqing and Shenzhen.

Answers are structured in four parts:
(a) case study;
(b) answer to the case study,
(c) general legal framework; and
(d) list of laws, regulations and judicial decisions.

In addition, important laws and regulations and abstracts of important judicial decisions are included as appendices.

Questions cover major aspects of China’s labour law framework, such as:
• Hiring procedures
• Formalities of the employment contract
• Wages and contributions
• Role of trade unions
• Discrimination
• Sexual harassment
• Termination of the employment relation
• Invalidity causes of the employment contract
• Maternity leave
• Part-time, foreign employees

Practical and precise system of cross-referencing
• Extensive appendix with English translations of the main laws and regulations
• Practical tables for the calculation of social insurance and housing
• Details on fund contributions, with the minimum amount of compensation in case of work-related injuries.

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