Charlesworth on Negligence 14e 1st Sup

Charlesworth on Negligence 14e 1st Sup


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Date: 03/06/2019

Code: 9780414071124

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Charlesworth on Negligence 14e 1st Sup

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Book Charlesworth on Negligence 14e 1st Sup 03/06/2019 9780414071124 N/A


The main authority on the law of negligence, and frequently cited in court, Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence covers both common law and statutory duty. Building on the excellence of previous editions, the 14th edition focuses on the considerable body of new case law that has emerged since the previous edition, recent legislative changes and a brand new chapter on the contribution of tortfeasors.

  • Sets out comprehensively the general principles, covering duty of care and liability issues under the tort of negligence
  • Shows how the principles developed through the application of the common law and explains how the law of negligence has been applied in the UK and Commonwealth jurisdictions
  • Explains the duty to take care, when it exists, between what parties it exists and to assess quickly if a cause for action exists
  • Explains what remedies may be available, including damages and investigates the remoteness of damages as a remedy
  • Explains the burden of proof in negligence cases
  • Demonstrates the defences and discharges from liability
  • Differentiates between nuisance and negligence
  • Demonstrates the standard of care principle in relation to persons professing some special skill, highways and transport, employee employer relationship
  • Provides an essential reference for every negligence case whether it is to do with personal injury including resulting in death, property, product liability and injury caused by animals and death
  • Differentiates between absolute and strict liability
  • Includes up-to-date statutory duties which means you will know exactly how recent changes apply
  • Shows, through a detailed analysis of case law, how the principles work in specific situations and sets out the implications of new developments to help you take a view on your particular case

Table of Contents

Part I: General Principles

  • The Meaning of Negligence;
  • The Duty to Take Care; Parties;
  • Principal Defences and Discharges from Liability;
  • Causation and Remoteness of Damage;
  • Proof and Damages
  • Vicarious liability and non-delegable duties

Part II: Standard of Care

  • The Standard of Care;
  • Dangerous Premises;
  • Persons Professing Some Special Skill;
  • Highways and Transport;
  • Employment at Common Law;

Part III: Statutory Duty

  • Liability for Breach of Statutory Duty

Part IV: Absolute or Strict Liability

  • Dangerous Things:
  • Rylands & Fletcher;
  • Animals;
  • Products Liability;

Part V: Death

  • Death and Causes of Action;

Part VI: Miscellaneous Matters

  • Insurance and Other Compensation Schemes

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