Cases and Materials on International Law 9th Edition

Cases and Materials on International Law 9th Edition


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Date: 31/08/2020

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Harris and Sivakumaran’s Cases & Materials on International Law, widely recognised as the leading text of its kind, is a stimulating and wide-ranging work. Designed to support students throughout their studies, Harris provides a sound basis for any public international law course through an extensive selection of extracts and background information supplemented by authoritative commentary and expert analysis.
  • Presents an extensive collection of cases, statutory provisions, recently published articles and comments designed to define, explain and illustrate the main principles of Public International law
  • The law is explained by means of extracts from cases, relevant materials and statutes. There are introductory sections and explanatory sections linking the cases and materials. Questions are used to assist readers think more deeply about the law and to highlight areas where the law is unclear.
  • Places the emphasis on the cases and materials, using text for introductory and explanatory purposes
  • Uses notes, questions and summaries to assist and stimulate students
  • Incorporates a wealth of important key case law
  • Includes coverage of the latest statutory developments

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