Canada's Internet Law in a Nutshell

Canada's Internet Law in a Nutshell

By Martin Kratz


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Date: 31/05/2013

Code: 9780779854813

Carswell, Canada


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The internet provides the most effective means of communication known to man and so confronts organizations with tremendous opportunities and also considerable challenges. Providing a concise and well-referenced resource to many of key issues involved on the internet, Canada's Internet Law in a Nutshell explores the inherent tensions between freedom of expression and other values such as the protection of reputation, and commercial speech. The text also examines the tensions between the ease of copying of digital files and the concerns of copyright owners. The text covers many key legal issues confronting conduct occurring on the internet including a deeper focus on issues pertaining to matters such as copyright, privacy, defamation and internet marketing, trademark and domain names, electronic commerce, the Anti-Spam legislation, and introduces key issues concerning other topics such as social media and cloud computing.

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