Brice on Maritime Law of Salvage  5th Edition

Brice on Maritime Law of Salvage 5th Edition

By John Reeder QC


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Date: 10/01/2012

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Brice on Maritime Law of Salvage provides comprehensive coverage of the law relating to marine salvage operations. Renowned for its practical approach to the subject, it is the first port of call for practitioners involved in the arbitration casework that dominates dispute resolution in the salvage industry. This work:
  • Includes expert legal commentary on each area of salvage operations – from the concepts of salvage and the salvage agreement to the Lloyd's arbitration process
  • Provides detailed interpretation of the Lloyd’s Open Form (LOF) Salvage Agreement, used throughout the salvage industry
  • Goes through Lloyd’s standard clauses and Procedural rules
  • Covers the latest CPR provisions and court forms and their use within the Admiralty Courts
  • Explores the most important recent cases in depth, including The Sea Angel, The Voutakos and The Ocean Crown
  • Examines LOF arbitration and explains in detail current trends in LOF arbitration board decisions
  • Discusses arbitration decisions that are not publically reported
  • Addresses current issues in modern salvage operations, such as the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Analyses the most effective dispute remedies available in a contemporary context
  • Examines recent SCOPIC clause changes and their effect on environmental payments or other guarantees of payments to salvage contractors.
Jurisdiction: International

Table of Contents

The Concept of Salvage.
The Jurisdiction of the Admiralty Court.
Salved Property and Salved Values.
Wrecks Salvage and the Underwater Cultural Heritage.
The Salvage Agreement. Salvage and the Environment.
Salvage and Breach of Duty.
Lloyds Form and Arbitration.

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