By Iver P Cooper


Price: N/A

Date: 15/04/1994

Code: 30144145

West Group, USA

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Looseleaf BIOTECHNOLOGY AND THE LAW 15/04/1994 30144145 N/A


This three volume looseleaf helps practitioners understand the use issues involved in patenting biotechnological inventions, particularly how to: avoid infringement, draft claims efficiently, clarify ownership of biotechnology patent rights, learn the significance of the Plant Variety Protection Act and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Also covers issues such as: scope of claim (including the broadening and narrowing of claims); enablement (including the working of an invention without undue experimentation); use concealment of best mode and determination of when the best mode is adequately disclosed; deposits of biological materials, including guidance as to whether applicants should submit materials to a depository.
  • Volume 1: Biotechnology and the Patent System. Patentability of Biological Invention: Threshold Issues of Law, Science, Policy and Philosophy. Biological Invention and the Use of "Laws" and "Products" or "Nature". Novelty and Non-obviousness. Disclosure Requirements. Infringement. Claim Drafting. Procedure and Practice in the USPTO. Utility Patent Protection of Plant and Animal Varieties. Ownership and Licensing.
  • Volume 2: Plant Patent Protection. The Plant Variety Protection Act and the UPOV. Protection of Biological Invention Abroad. Other Forms of Protection for Biotechnology. Appendices - United States Materials on the Deposit of Microorganisms; Budapest Treaty Materials on Deposit of Microorganisms; Patent Cooperation Treaty Materials on Deposit of Microorganism; European Patent Convention Materials on Deposit of Microorganisms; Classification Scheme of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; Sequence Listing.
  • Volume 3: Appendices - Plant Variety Protection Materials; Miscellaneous U.S. Materials; Miscellaneous Non-U.S. Materials. Table of Cases.
Jurisdiction: USA
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