Aviation Law in Australia 5e book+ebook

Aviation Law in Australia 5e book+ebook

By Ron Bartsch


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Date: 18/12/2018

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Aviation, as global industry, has an international context across all technical and operational disciplines. Accordingly, the aviation is more affected and influenced by interantional events than any other sector of the economy.

The constant challenge for any aviation legal publication is to make certain that the international context is explained while at the same time ensuring the reader is fully informed of the significance and application of these changes within the local aviation environment. each area of the law is clearly explained in accessible language and supported with practical case studies to illustrate the application of the law within an operational aviation context.

Table of Contents

1. The Development of Aviation Law

2. The Australian Legal System

3. The Regulation of Aviation

4. Contract Law

5. Negligence and Other Torts

6. Employment and Industrial Law

7. Administrative Law

8. Criminal Law

9. Commercial and Competition Law

10. Carriage by Air

11. Aviation Insurance Law

12. Airline Operations

13. Airport Operations

14. Air Traffic Management

15. Aviation Security

16. Safety Management

17. Aircraft Accident Investigation

18. Damage by Aircraft

19. Environmental Law

20. Military Aviation Law

21. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

22. Space Law

23. Aviation Organisations


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