Australian Media Law 6th Edition

Australian Media Law 6th Edition

By Sharon Roderick, Jennifer Ireland, Brendan Clift, Lesley Power


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Forthcoming Release, 01/08/2021

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Australian Media Law details and explains the complex case law, legislation and regulations governing media practice in areas as diverse as journalism, advertising, multimedia and broadcasting. It examines the issues affecting traditional forms of media such as television, radio, film and newspapers and includes discussion on modern forms such as the internet, social media and digital technology, in a clear and accessible format.

Issues and topics that are new to the sixth edition include:

  • Impending amendments to the uniform defamation legislation
  • Responses to the phenomenon of fake news
  • Revised foreign ownership regime
  • Proposed new online safety legislation
  • A new AANA Code of Ethics
  • The telecommunications data regime and its impact on journalists and their sources
  • An examination of recent decisions on free speech, defamation, confidentiality, negligence, advertising, vilification and contempt.

The ACCC’s Digital Platform Inquiry has recommended a process to implement a harmonised media regulatory framework. As the Australian Government takes its first steps along this path, the sixth edition anticipates the shape of future reforms.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction 


Chapter 2 Free Speech


Chapter 3 Defamation 


Chapter 4 Reporting Parliament and Elections 


Chapter 5 Media and Open Justice 


Chapter 6 Contempt of Court 


Chapter 7 Confidentiality and Sources of Information 


Chapter 8 Privacy 


Chapter 9 Offensive Publications 


Chapter 10 Media and National Security 


Chapter 11 Negligence 


Chapter 12 Copyright 


Chapter 13 Advertising 


Chapter 14 Regulation of the Media 


Chapter 15 Media Ownership and Control

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