Australian Bankruptcy Law & Practice

Australian Bankruptcy Law & Practice

By Paul McQuade, Michael Gronow


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Date: 16/06/2001

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Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Australian Bankruptcy Law & Practice

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eSub - ProView Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice - eSub 30/04/2014 41634365 N/A
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Australian Bankruptcy Law & Practice meets all the information needs of the bankruptcy specialist. The annotations are written by leading practitioners in this field who analyse the practical and legal significance of bankruptcy reform, legislative and case law developments. The service logically follows the structure of the Acts, rules and regulations. It is the definitive service in this area of law, used by the majority of judges and barristers.

Legislation reflects the current law in force and the Recent Developments section assists subscribers in keeping abreast of future legislative amendments and significant law reform. Subscribers can be confident that they have the latest information at their finger tips removing the need to consult other sources.

The Australian Bankruptcy Cases (New Series) has no competitor in the market. It covers cases that are not reported elsewhere except for a few that are published in the Federal Court Reporter. This feature allows instant location and access to the full text of relevant decisions in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Federal Court and State Supreme Courts (and occasionally the High Court) saving the practitioner valuable research time. The headnotes provide a synopsis of the case.


  • The authors Michael Gronow (Victorian Bar) and Paul McQuade (Queensland Bar) both specialise in commercial law
  • The level of detail on the legislation, case law and practical aspects of bankruptcy work makes this a unique service. Legislation in the service includes the full text of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth), rules, regulations, Federal Magistrates Act 1999 (Cth) and extracts of the Federal Magistrates Court Rules. Changes to the legislation is updated online overnight.
  • Extensive annotations immediately follow each section of the legislation identifying each Part of the Bankruptcy Act
  • Two flowcharts provide diagrams of the procedure to be followed in relation to meetings of creditors. Each Schedule of the Bankruptcy Regulations and the Forms are easily identified whether online or paper.
  • Over time we have expanded the coverage by introducing Recent Developments, Standards for Trustees, Registrars, ITSA Trustees, Digest of Judgments, Australian Bankruptcy Cases (New Series), Explanatory Memoranda, Forms, Registered, Recommended Reading and Statutes Case Annotations.
  • The well- established case report series, the Australian Bankruptcy Cases (New Series), which was introduced in 2003, publishes quarterly. This report series is also available as an annual bound volume (for paper subscribers only).
  • Online has the added benefit of hyperlinking to the full judgments of reported and unreported bankruptcy cases.

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