Alternative Dispute Resolution 5th ed book+ebook

Alternative Dispute Resolution 5th ed book+ebook

By Tania Sourdin


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Date: 28/02/2016

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Alternative or Additional Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes are used to resolve conflict, support agreement, and plan future actions. In this new and expanded edition the author draws upon more than two decades of work in theory development, practice, training, research and assessment to provide an up to date, hands on resource for practitioners, students and all those involved in ADR processes and systems.

All key dispute resolution and management processes are explored in Alternative Dispute Resolution, as well as specific mediation, negotiation, complaints handling (to reflect the 2014 Standard and new frameworks in this area) , option generation and problem solving strategies. Pre-litigation ADR schemes, external dispute resolution schemes and changes in the community and related schemes, as well as processes that are more closely related to the litigation system, are tracked, explored and analysed. This supports ADR practitioners and all those involved in dispute resolution to make effective, informed decisions about process choices and options.

The book also features a number of important revisions that and additional focus areas:

  • Civil procedure and dispute resolution
  • Revised and updated material relating to mediator accreditation
  • New material on decision making and the neurobiology of dispute resolution
  • Technology and online dispute resolution (ODR)
  • The latest case law, legislation and analysis in relation to pre action requirements, confidentiality, arbitration, mediation and ADR in general.

In addition the negotiation, mediation and arbitration sections have been expanded to reflect recent research, policy changes and legislation in each of these areas. The fifth edition of Alternative Dispute Resolution features an expanded skills section, with commentary on micro communication skills as well as updated and revised process and dispute system sections.

The skills material provides:

  • Tested methods and
  • Real life examples.

Professor Tania Sourdin’s extensive experience as a mediator, Supreme Court solicitor, researcher, educator, and as the Director of the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI) at Monash University and as the NBN Industry Dispute Advisor and the member of many taskforces, committees and boards focused on ADR and justice reform , ensures Alternative Dispute Resolution, 5th Edition supports readers with practical skills and tips, case studies, deeper analysis and systemic frameworks needed by those studying ADR. Practitioners and students alike will find this new edition an invaluable resource.


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