Alternative Corporate Re-Engineering Â

Alternative Corporate Re-Engineering Â


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Date: 26/10/2011

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This title is of value to businesses from all sectors which are considering their re-engineering and restructuring options, as well as those that are reviewing both their approach to international expansion, and whether there are other ways to penetrate domestic markets which their typical expansion model does not allow them to address.
This first edition of Alternative Corporate Re-engineering will be of great assistance to corporations and their counsel, providing valuable insights and guidance to these complicated processes.

Table of Contents

• “Spin offs”
• Foreign Market Entry
• Pre-contract disclosure requirements and good faith
• Nature of the Franchise Agreement
• The role of the Manual, its legal status and changes
• Duration of Franchise Relationship and Rights of Renewal
• Product ties and In-term Non-Compete Restrictions
• Enforcement of Post-term Non-Compete Restrictions
• Intellectual Property restrictions
• Registration and authorization requirements
• Independent Legal status of the franchisee
• Contract Formalities
• Real estate aspects
• Other Termination related issues

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