ADR Principles and Practice 3rd Edition HC

ADR Principles and Practice 3rd Edition HC

By Henry Brown, Arthur Marriott QC


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Date: 07/12/2011

Code: 9780414044784

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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ADR: Principles and Practice is the classic reference work in the UK and internationally on alternative dispute resolution. The new edition has been substantially revised and restructured to reflect the recent growth and diversity of ADR practice. It covers the theory, principles and practice of ADR processes, especially mediation, providing detailed guidance on the different ways of working. Truly international in scope, it looks at the UK and Europe as well as jurisdictions such as the US, Canada, Australia, China and Singapore, and the Indian sub-continent, Africa and South America where ADR practice is developing. This book:
  • Provides encyclopaedic reference on all aspects of ADR
  • Covers strategy and principles as well as the detail of practice
  • Deals with mediation in-depth
  • Covers processes such as arbitration and contractual adjudication and less commonly-found ones such as ombudsmen and expert determination
  • Addresses all the main fields of dispute resolution, including civil-commercial, family and divorce, employment and labour, neighbourhood/community, environmental and public policy issues, and victim-offender
  • Features an extensive set of precedents for mediation
  • Considers online and telephone mediation, and the use of technologies such as video-conferencing
  • Examines the EU Mediation Directive
  • Looks at the psychology of dispute resolution
  • Discusses judicial ADR and the court's relationship to ADR processes
  • Covers the regulation of mediators.
Jurisdiction: UK

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