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By Margaret Jackson, Gordon Hughes
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455233260 18/06/2015 Sale Price: Price: $253.00 You Save:

Private Life in a Digital World analyses the key challenges facing individuals and entities operating in the digital context - protecting information, maintaining privacy and, conversely, the critical.. more

By Melissa de Zwart, Alpana Roy, Mark Perry, Michael Adams, Monique Cormier, Niloufer Selvadurai, Simon McKenzie
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455245140 Forthcoming Release 20/02/2022 Sale Price: Price: $104.01 You Save:

Controlling Data: Conundrums in Information Technology Law Pivot... more

By Margaret Jackson, Marita Shelly
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455227399 30/11/2011 Sale Price: Price: $219.00 You Save:

" excellent overview and quick reference guide... more

By Graham Smith
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414047891 31/12/2019 Sale Price: Price: $625.00 You Save:

The new, fifth edition of Internet Law & Regulation is the long-awaited new edition of the leading title in its field... more

By Geoffry Holland, Kathryn Crossley, Wenee Yap
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455231860 08/11/2013 Sale Price: Price: $66.00 You Save:

We live in the age of social media... more

By Alpana Roy
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455231068 27/06/2016 Sale Price: Price: $225.01 You Save:

This ground-breaking book is the first complete statement of Australian domain name law... more

By Celso de Azevedo
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414070349 04/07/2019 Sale Price: Price: $403.00 You Save:

Heightened awareness of cyber security and the need to identify vulnerable assets makes Cyber Risks Insurance: Law and Practice an invaluable reference... more

By Brian Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald, Eugene Clark, Gaye Middleton, Yee Fen Lim
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455227962 31/05/2011 Sale Price: Price: $204.00 You Save:

Over the last two decades, the internet and e-commerce have reshaped the way we communicate, interact and transact... more

By Leigh Sagar
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414061903 21/03/2018 Sale Price: Price: $312.00 You Save:

The Digital Estate provides an analysis of the rights and liabilities associated with digital information passing from, to and through computing and other devices owned and controlled by fiduciaries,.. more

Book 9780314621443 26/06/2014 Sale Price: Price: $176.57 You Save:
Dispatched from overseas. Estimated delivery 3-6 weeks.

Navigating the Legal Ethics of Social Media and Technology addresses the fact that social media has become part of the modern practice and using cutting-edge technology is an indispensable part of being.. more

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